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The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray: A Critical Appreciation of the World's Finest Actor - Robert Schnakenberg

This is a very informative book about Bill Murray's life. It includes descriptions of some of his movies, about his family, etc. I think my favorite parts of it was "Tales from Murrayland",

Countryside: The Book of the Wise - J.T. Cope IV

I felt this was a really good book. I certainly like the fantasy world. I plan to the second series, "Countryside: The Tears of Adina", whenever I get a chance to. Also a good one for my grandchildren to read.

MAYHEM IN MANHATTEN - Len and Wolfman,  Marv Wein

This was a very good book. So many great stories! It would be hard to pick a favorite story. I have to stay that I was really impressed by the sharp quality black and white photos in the book. It really added to the book.

Nick and Tesla's Special Effects Spectacular: A Mystery with Animatronics, Alien Makeup, Camera Gear, and Other Movie Magic You Can Make Yourself! - Bob Pflugfelder, Steve Hockensmith

I found this to be a really neat book. I really like the way they incorporated the projects into the story line. I will have to give this to my granddaughter to read and then try to make some of the projects.

Seared - Sandra Gustafsson

I almost didn't read this book after reading the beginning. Some books that talk about sex have no story line. This one really kept me intrigued. I wanted to know why she was institutionalized. It really let you into a troubled mind. I wanted to read ahead to find out why she was there. A really good story.

Royal Street - Suzanne  Johnson

I have never read a book written by Suzanne Johnson but it won't be my last. I'm almost sorry that I read this book because now I will have to get the rest of the series.

It is an urban fantasy novel. I enjoyed following Drusilla's tale. I don't think that they should have killed off her father. I would have liked to see them getting to know each other. Maybe it will happen in future books.

I liked the setting in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

Great Book

The Tears of Dark Water - Corban Addison

This was a well written book. I felt it covered all areas. It really gave you an idea what a piracy on the seas would be like. I expected everything to end with everyone safe. I like a book that surprises you. I also liked the way it explained the pirate's reasons for what he did. At times its hard to put down. I liked the ending.

great book

Beach Town - Kathleen McInerney, Mary Kay Andrews
This is the perfect book to read on a summer afternoon.
Greer picks a quiet Florida town to film a movie in. The perfect spot that the producer asked for. Greer doesn't get the cooperation of the mayor that she wants. There is romance, secrets to be uncovered, a father to be discovered, among other things in this story. I have to recommend it.
Find Momo Coast to Coast: A Photography Book - Andrew Knapp, Andrew Knapp

I just received this book from Quirk Books as a sweepstakes prize. What an interesting book! The photos are really pretty and its so hard and fun to find Momo. I can't wait to hunt for him with my 6 year old granddaughter. I really like the answer key that tells you where the pictures are from. I highly recommend it.

Very good book

Klubbe the Turkle and the Golden Star Coracle - Philip Dodd

I found Klubbe the Turkle to be an interesting book. I think a young adult would find it very interesting and I plan to give it to my granddaughter to read. It is a shame that the world isn't more like this book. If those creatures would have landed here, we would have gone in with guns pointed. The aliens that they met were friendly. I hope the author keeps on writing.

Great Book!

The Colossus - Ranjini Iyer

I was looking forward to reading this book and I wasn't disappointed.
It was hard to put down at times. The end was a nice twist and I like
that in a book. I don't want to say too much about the story because
I don't want to give away the ending. It was well written and its her
first novel which surprises me. I hope it won't be her last. I did like
the Author's Note in the back of the book with the facts that the book
was based on. It was a nice addition.


The Incredible Origins of the Onyx Sun - Christopher Mahoney

I found this book very interesting and am looking forward to the second one.

It is a good story about the exploits of a teenage boy, Zack. He has an inventive grandfather that his father seems embarrassed over. I think that the parents should have believed him about his trip to the moon. The story seems to end too soon but maybe that is because there will be a second book.

Being Audrey Hepburn: A Novel - Mitchell Kriegman

I enjoyed reading this book. I hate books that you can predict what happens. This book isn't predictable and I like the twist in the ending.

Going with Gabriel - Bryan Islip
  I really enjoyed reading this book. I liked the concept. The idea that someone could introduce a virus that would sterilize everyone is something that could really happen. It really makes you think. I like the way the book ended. It really wasn't what I expected. Its hard to say how great this book was without spoiling it for anyone. I won this book from Goodreads and it was even signed. I really appreciated having the chance to read it before it is released and I put it on the top of my list to read first.
Infinite Days - Rebecca Maizel

  I like vampire stories and found this an interesting take on vampire stories. I've never read one where the vampire became human again. I believe this is one of a series and I look forward to more of this story.


Deviation: 1 (The Sophisticates) - Christine Manzari
  I felt this was a good book. When I read a Science Fiction book, I always think about could this really happen. It may be possible. It made me look forward to the next one. I received this in a contest and luckily I received the second book, Conviction, also. I will certainly be looking at Christine Manzari's book list.

It is about genetically engineered teens. They have different traits (deviations). Will they eventually be able to help the world. Will they ever be free?