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Lost Boy: The True Story of Captain Hook - Christina Henry

I received this book in a contest and I enjoyed reading it. I never really like the sugar coated Disney Version. I believe this to be a more true version of the story of Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Well written and I enjoyed reading it. I looked through some reviews when I received it to see if I could let my 8 year old granddaughter read it first and didn't find anything. I read it and have given it to her to read. I will try to add her review in the future. If you like Peter Pan tales, you'll enjoy this one. Kept you wondering what would happen.

The Space Between the Stars - Anne Corlett

This is really an interesting book. When I first started reading it. it reminded me of the "Last Man on Earth" television show. Only I think it would make a better series then they have. I really liked the way it explained the lack of bodies (turning to dust). In the TV show they never really address it. I can see such great possibilities for a TV series made from this book. I think it is well written and does a good job explaining things that happen. I don't want to describe the book too much because I don't want to give away the story. But the things in it could really happen. People don't always act like you think that they should. I hope to be reading more stories by Anne Corlett in the future.

The Garden of Small Beginnings - Abbi Waxman

I was able to read an early copy of this book because I won it from a Penguin House Contest.

One of the things that make this book a little different is the gardening tips that are at the beginnings of the chapters. I wasn't sure at first if I liked that about the book but I found it a very interesting addition that makes this book unique.


Its a love tale that has a little bit of everything. It addresses divorced people, a widow, and a same sex couple. Even a married couple of a large age difference. It is well written and I found it an enjoyable book. I liked the way all the different people learned to work together and some fell in love.


The main tale was about a widow that learns to move on after the loss of her
husband. Its good reading.


All You Need - Lorelei James

I enjoyed reading this book. I like the way Lorelei James went from character to character in the chapters. It gave you both their perspectives. I liked that her brothers were so protective of her, maybe a little over protective at times. Axl and Annika really got to know each other because they had to meet in secret. This was an interesting book.

The Girl Before: A Novel - J.P. Delaney

I won an advanced copy of this book in a contest. I really like the way this book was written, (It goes back and forth along the same time line between Jane and Emma) . I found this book interesting enjoyed reading it. I highly recommend it. I guessed at what happened to Emma but wasn't sure until I read it. What a neat sounding house. I'm sure I couldn't have lived there with all those rules.

Behind Closed Doors - B.A. Paris

I received this book in a contest from St. Martin's Press. The story seemed
to start out a little slow but after that it was hard to put down. I felt the writer
made the story so realistic that I believe it could really happen. When I got to
the end of the story I thought it looked like there was enough pages to end it
properly and thought I would be unhappy about the ending. There couldn't have
been a better ending to the story. I loved it. This is one of the best stories I
have read. I had never read any books by B.A. Paris before but after reading
this book I will be looking into her other books.

The Swans of Fifth Avenue: A Novel - Melanie Benjamin

I liked the way the author made you wonder who was killed and by whom for most of the book. I like the way it described the relationships between the different people. Especially Babe and Truman. I read some of the reviews on the book that stated they couldn't put it down. I didn't agree until I realized I was staying up reading it longer than I should.

One Person's Craziness - R. T. Ojas, Ochuko Ojas

I won this book from Amazon. The title intrigued me. The author has an excellent imagination. I enjoyed reading this book. The ending caught me by surprise. To be truthful I would have liked the story to continue.

Beach Town - Kathleen McInerney, Mary Kay Andrews

Very interesting reading. The story takes place in a beach town in
Florida. Its a love story with the discovery of a father Greer never

Great for Christmas

Let's Go on a Letter Hunt: An Alphabet Adventure by Spell-It-Out Photos - Sue Tenerowicz

What a neat book. I can't wait to give it to my 6 year old granddaughter for Christmas. She will love playing the game of looking for letters in the pictures. It also opens a whole new area for us when we get bored somewhere.

Assassins: A Novel - Mukul Deva

I enjoyed this book. I found it interesting because you really didn't know who the real bad guy was. I don't even think that you are sure at the end of the book. It is filled with intrigue.

Under Water: A Strong Current Trilogy Book 1 - Gregory Kim Olmsted

A very interesting book, It was well written. The problem I had with it is its a 3 book series. I didn't realize it when I read this book. I felt the book was too short. They should have drawn a conclusion about the explosions (Met lab and the playground). I would have liked it better if they started a new mystery at the end. I would and have wanted to know what happened to Keahl and Liko.

William Shakespeare's The Clone Army Attacketh: Star Wars Part the Second - Ian Doescher

When I received this Shakespeare addition of Star Wars, I thought it was a neat idea. It must have been hard to do. The only reason I don't give it a 5 is beings Shakespeare like makes it harder to read. When I showed the book to friends I was told they were going to buy it.

Must Read Series

Heir to the Crown - Ember Shane

This is the third book in The Doyle Hawthorne Series. I have to say its just as good as the first two were. This series is a different approach to Zombies. More of a Scientific approach. This one leans more toward Chuck, where Doyle was mostly featured in the others. I haven't read too many books lately that make you want to skip ahead to see what happens. (I really wanted to know what Edgar told Addy) I hated to read the end of it because I know the next book isn't written yet. But one of the things I did like about the ending of this book was that it didn't leave you on a cliffhanger. I don't need a cliffhanger to want to read the next book. I can't wait to see what is in store for Addy, Doyle, Chuck & Kai.

Great Zombie Book

Of High Treason - Ember Shane

If you've read "Of Royal Descent", you need to read this book. It continues to develop the characters and Chuck as a zombie. I can't say too much about it or I will give away the story, but it does explain more about Doyle's relatives. I will say Doyle's sister is something special. I can't wait to read "Heir to the Crown" to learn more about his sister. I hope Ember Shane hurries up and gets the next one written.

Really good book

Of Royal Descent - Ember Shane

If you like books about Zombies, this book is for you. Its a very unique
approach. I have never read a zombie story that gave an explanation of
how they came to be. These Zombies are because of an experiment. It goes
into great detail of the transformation (Shading) of the person into a Zombie.
Its an excellent book and I am looking forward to the rest of the series.